Parking Information

We understand that finding a parking spot at The Iron Goat  can sometimes be challenging. To ensure your visit is as smooth as possible, we've provided several parking options for our guests.

Option 1: The Iron Goat's Parking

While we do offer a quaint parking area directly in front of our restaurant, its charm, and convenience make it a popular choice among visitors, often leading to it reaching capacity quite quickly. Don't worry, though - there are several additional parking options nearby, many of which are less known to the passing tourist but just as convenient for your visit to our establishment.

Distance to Restaurant: 10 meters.

Option 2: Cougar Creek's Parking

Directly across from our restaurant, you'll find ample parking at Cougar Creek. Just a short stroll of under 100 meters separates us from this convenient location. While it frequently hosts a number of vehicles, there's often plenty of space for our guests. This option is particularly recommended for those comfortable with a brief walk.

Address: 500 Benchlands Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 1G7
Distance to Restaurant: 75 meters.

Option 3: Cougar Creek Skating Rink

Across the tranquil waters of the creek, visible from the restaurant, you'll find our third parking option.' This modestly-sized lot serves as an additional parking solution. We recommend considering this space only after ensuring that our two primary parking locations are at capacity. Its smaller size may limit availability, hence our suggestion to use it as a last resort. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Distance to Restaurant: 150 meters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is parking free at The Iron Goat?
A: At our closest parking spot it is, but some of our other options are free.

Q: Are there parking restrictions at The Iron Goat?
A: There is one disability bay near the front entrance and staff parking, but if not most should be for the public

Q: Is there accessible parking available at The Iron Goat?
A: Yes, our closest parking spots (Option 1) are very accessible.

Q: Is there a drop-off point at the restaurant?
A: Yes, coming into the road just keep driving up to the door and you will be able to drop off people right at the door.

We hope this guide makes your visit to The Iron Goat easier. Should you have any further questions about parking, feel free to contact us at +1 (403) 609-0222 or